Carol has the Unique Ability to communicate directly to the soul of each and every person with whom she speaks.
Her unlimited energy, her empathy, her wisdom and Unique Ability are instantly brought into focus for the benefit of her audience, whether it is an individual seeking counsel one on one, or a huge television audience. How do I know this to be true? I have been one of the lucky few who have met Carol one on one. I have also witnessed individuals twisting around in their airplane seats trying to gather all the pearls from her conversation. I have marveled at Carol’s presence, and very soft control, over an international audience of globally successful entrepreneurs. I have watched others immediately change their business plans to include Carol’s wisdom and energy. I have seen many other individuals try to emulate Carol, without much success. Dr. Carol Cole is Unique Individual and an extraordinary communicator. And, best of all, she is my friend.
G. (Jay) Paterson, CFP Co- Founder Empowered Wealth


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