Carol R. Cole, PhD, LMFT is a PsychoSpiritual counselor who serves as a healing presence in the process of transformative change. She purposely chose the term PsychoSpiritual to reflect her holistic perspective which includes multiple aspects of our beingness:  physical, emotional, mental, energetic, relational, environmental and spiritual. Carol works with people to look at life from a broader, more integrated perspective in order to navigate the flow of change with more elegance and ease.  Her unique holistic perspective comes from more than 30 years of working from a mind-body-spirit approach with clients experiencing environmental illnesses, autoimmune illnesses, electromagnetic sensitivities, relationship challenges, spiritual growth transformations and life stage transitions.

Carol was also an adjunct professor at Amberton University where she taught Stress Management. She currently practices online and from her home office in Asheville, NC.  Personally, Carol loves life! Even with all its changes, she knows it all works together. She is continually amazed at this unfolding process called her life. To this point in her career life she has created herself as a teacher, a television and radio personality, a counselor and a public speaker. In her personal life she has created herself as a lover of mangoes, a hiker of trails, an organic gardener, and a stargazer who tracks the constellations through the seasons.