The applause had not begun to die down when a woman jumped up out of her chair and ran across the room to embrace Carol shouting, “I get it! I really get it!” Heads nodded and laughter rose in celebration of seeing things in a new and meaningful way. This audience had just transformed their awareness of their power through conscious participation in the process of change.

Consistently people report that her message, methods and meta-view have made a difference in their lives. Carol enjoys tailoring her presentations to a group’s specific needs. She has a unique ability to tune into the essence of what is needed to be communicated and then design her talk to anchor the energy of that message in a memorable way. She is requested by associations, conferences, churches and organizations to speak on subjects concerning personal and spiritual growth and holistic healing.

Over the years Carol has been privileged to interview many leaders in their respective fields. Among those interviewed are Wayne Dyer, Larry Dossey, Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Rudy Tanzi, Mark Hyman, Rick Steves, Daniel Amen, Joel Fuhrman, Daniel Goleman, Matthew Fox, and Edgar Mitchell.